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View select PRESS QUOTES at the bottom of this page.

Click on any piece of press below to view it full-size in a new window. View select PRESS QUOTES at the bottom of this page.

All About Jazz

Guitar World

NYC Jazz Record

TimeOut New York

Step Tempest


Hartford Courant

All About Jazz

All About Jazz (Lioness)

NYC Jazz Record (Lioness)

Bird is the Worm

The Village Voice

Downtown Music Gallery

NYC Jazz Record (The Pirkei Avot Project)

Press Quotes

“Monaco’s guitar playing is well within the modernist canon, but quite distinctive: her phrasing is often made up of tartly dissonant chords and insistent yet off-kilter repetitions that remind one of Grant Green by way of Andrew Hill... her playing is utterly unique, a breath of fresh air in the cookie-cutter climes of both mainstream and free jazz.”


Clifford Allen, The New York City Jazz Record

“One of the truly unique voices in twenty-first century jazz.”

"Impressive chops and a penchant for adventure."


Time Out New York

“Monaco combines patience, an ear for texture, and an introspective, intellectual feel.”



“Amanda Monaco's compositions take some time to absorb; consider them to be a multi-course gourmet meal for a jazz fan's ears, rather than the all-too-common bland, empty calorie fast food that attempts to pass for creative improvised music.”


All Music Guide

“Amanda is certainly carving her own space in New York as an energetic creative musician. She is highly respected for her excellence as a creative jazz improviser and performer.”


“A crisply resourceful guitarist…playfully restive compositions.”


The New York Times

"A wonderful jazz guitar sorceress"


Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

“A cliché-free, inventive player who doesn’t neatly fit into any of the usual modes of contemporary jazz guitar playing.”


Jazz Times

“…a serious multi-faceted composer capable of complex compositions and differing personas…”


All About Jazz - New York

“Monaco plays with a very nice clean tone, and her dry sound complements a patient, often very elaborate phraseology…”



“...a spirited, dedicated guitarist and composer whose creative reach extends through and beyond the jazz idiom. She has remained loyal to the true nature of jazz improvisation by telling great stories on her instrument; her mature phrasing and emotional power are striking.”

David Tronzo, Berklee College of Music

“Through her musicianship and cooperative spirit, Amanda has garnered the respect of her peers and mentors.”

Steve Wilson

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